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The Philly Kid Chronicles

Life, Dogs and Rock n Roll

This book is for you if:

  • you ever sang in the shower or danced in your car...

  • you ever went to the local Dairy Queen on a summer's evening...

  • you couldn't wait to stock up on supplies for the new school year.

  • And this book is for you if:

  • your dog ever made you laugh out loud...

  • your dog knew precisely how to keep you grounded when dark thoughts abounded...

  • you know your home wouldn't be your home without your dog.

  • And this book is for you if:

  • you ever wondered what kind of guy Jimi Hendrix was when the lights went down...

  • you thought you knew the kind of music Three Dog Night loved...but never performed in concert...

  • you ever wondered what Frank Sinatra thought about Muhammad Ali.

  • And this book is for you if:

  • you have ever faced the unspeakable loss of a child due to a drug overdose...

  • you don't believe that miracles can show up in the most unlikely ways...

  • you think because someone dies their heart stops beating.

  • The Reason I Wrote This Book

    My daughter, Jamie, died on April 5, 2017 of a drug overdose. She was only 27 years old.

    The night before she died, though she was in a coma and I will never know if she heard me, I swore to her that I would find a way to honor her legacy as an organ donor. Our family had just discovered that some years earlier she had signed up with a donor organization, and it informed us that because she was so young and strong her organs would directly affect at least 20 lives.

    So this book came to be because of that vow I made to her. All the proceeds from its sale will go to creating resources for young people who face the same addiction challenges my Jamie battled.

    When you purchase it I hope you will enjoy it, but much more than that, I hope you will celebrate being able to help a besieged young person through the toughest battle he or she will ever face.  

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